The Geyserland 4WD Club hosts a number of trips and events throughout the calendar year, many of these being general 4WD trips for Club and prospective members.  However, some trips and events are in response to a demand for our assistance and ability, coupled with a reputation that see many of the events we hold being further requested on an annual basis.  Some of our most popular events are as follows:

*  Motu Safari (Eastcape Safari) – This popular bi-ennial event has supported the remotely located Motu School fundraise for resources and assistance to offer every and all educational opportunity to the students of this small settlement.  The Geyserland 4WD Club has been honoured to support Paul and Shelly in their efforts to their school and community since 1997. There are some changes planned to the format of this event, follow Motu School’s facebook page for future updates.  Facebook Motu School Eastcape Safari

*  Lakes Safari– This is another hugely popular and successful bi-ennial fundraising event to bring support to the Rotorua community.  The funds raised from the Lakes Safari 2008 were graciously and humbly donated to the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat, Rotorua.  This facility enables families to have some much needed time out together during very arduous times coping with illness and the healing process of young ones.  The funds that will be raised from the Rotorua Waikite School Lakes Safari will go toward providing educational opportunities to the students of the Waikite Valley School.

*  Rotorua Winch Challenge – The Rotorua Winch Challenge is the Geyserland 4WD Clubs answer to the winch challenge community for an event that is long, hard and a true testament of endurance of man and machine.  Surrounded by native bush, Rotorua offers some of the best winch challenge stages that keep the competitors coming back year after year since 2003. Note: The club will be taking a break from running this event until further notice.